“Anybody who does science is creating unforeseeable consequences.” ∼ Alexander von Humboldt

help and documents

Helping an international student out is kind of the concept of the BioBuddies program, so here are some documents that might help with common questions and problems.

Living and studying in a foreign country is really challenging in many ways, but don’t worry, we got your back. Here is our Biobuddies Handbook, a guideline for all international students at TU Darmstadt. Here we give basic information on the Biobuddies program, the university and Darmstadt: “This and more will be answered in our Handbook. We even provide you with a checklist and what to consider when you start to study Biology in Darmstadt, as an exchange or international student.

You are a german student and want to join the Biobuddies, but you are not quite sure what might be expected of you or how to be a good Buddy? You already joined the program, but you want to make sure you don’t forget any important points about your job as a Buddy? Download our short checklist “Der perfekte Biobuddy”. (Document is in german)


By which criteria will I be assigned to my Buddy?

We try to assign you to your perfect Buddy based on joint interests and other criteria you can tell us. To do so, we will send you a questionnaire asking for your hobbies and your expectations for the program, etc. . You can also tell us whether you prefer a male of female Buddy or if you don’t care, for example.

Do I have to pay anything to join the BioBuddies?

No, definitely not. Every student can join the Biobuddies for free and it will stay always like this. Some of the events might cost something, but they are not mandatory for you and most activities will be cheap. We are all students and only have a limited amount of money to our hands. You will never have to pay for the organization of any event, though, only cost of food, transport, tickets or things like that could eventually be allocated to you.

What is the basic lab skill course?

The basic lab skill course was concepted specially for exchange and/or international students. A professor from the department of biology sciences will be accompanying you full-time through one week of intensive practical lessons in the fields of a.o. synthetic biology, genetic engineering, cloning systems etc.

Where can i find more information about the program?

At any time, you can send an e-mail to the Biobuddies, to Dr. Vera Bandmann or to the coordination of the biology faculty regarding your questions. biobuddies@asta.tu-darmstadt.de