“A scientist is a biological machine that turns coffee into theorems” ∼ Paul Erdos


Here are some impressions of a few of our previous events. Are you curious about what it´s like to be part of the BioBuddies? Read our Testimonials! Moreover, you find all flags from our previous Buddies below… maybe there will be your flag soon!

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Joining the family of BioBuddies is definitely a highlight of my time in TUDarmstadt. I cannot imagine what if my BioBuddy was not there to help me getting into the life in my exchange program – from how to enrol courses to how to party like a German. Until now, years after I finished the exchange program, I do remember times in Hobbits, Ice-cream gatherings, the Movie Night, and more super moments. “Do not hesitate to join gatherings with BioBuddies” – this is an advice for every newcomer of BioBuddies program. Events held by BioBuddies brought me unforgettable memories in this university. Those are good chances for you to know more friends and make your life in TUDarmstadt more fruitful!

Henry, Hong Kong (2017)

I was so stressfull before I came [to] Germany because I didnt know people live in there, any way, any dormitory and your language. This program ( I mean BioBuddies helping) showed me many way about city, my department and the most importan thing is so warm people. My most interesting time was my first day because my home wasnt ready yet and I stayed(and slept) my BioBuddy's home. She was the most helpfull and sweet BioBuddy. But I have to say actually all of BioBuddies so helpfull and crazy They showed us how can we improve our language, and how can we do our other thing about the city. My other unforgetting experience was Noel day [christmas] we made cookies and ate deliciously.

Nurşin, Turkey (2017)

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Walk with Llama and Alpacas

Kleinwalsertal Weekend

Do you wanna build a snowman?

Creative Drawing and BBQ

I had really good time with my Biobuddies. I remember the time I spent in your [Caro´s] house making a group tshirt for ourselves. Besides, several simple tips related not only to campus life but also to daily life were really helpful. I would like to highly recommend this program for other students who would come to TU Darmstadt as an exchange student.

Chowoo, South Korea (2018)

The best thing I liked about the Biobuddies program was that they organized everything in advance and informed me about any important thing, so I knew what to do. They were always nearby to help if I could meet any difficulties. And a special thank you to my Biobuddy - Sofija, who was always there to help me out!

Alexey, Russia (2019)

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Take a peek inside our Wonderworld

Carnival in Frankfurt

Today was a big carnival procession in Frankfurt. The carnival procession was across the downtown of Frankfurt and had a length of 4 km! The whole town was full of costumed people and lots of sweets and other little things were spread. It was a unique and colorful experience for our Buddies!

Quiz Evening

Some of us meet quite spontaneously at the Green Sheep pub. It was quiz night. Did we finish with third, second or first place? This remained a secret. It is a fact that we had a lot of fun and learnt a lot about Germany.

Cooking Together

German Soccer